About us

    Querizon is a company founded with a lot of will and love, with a clear vision of the future, fully comitted to serve its customers, without allowing any doubt regarding our services, our clients will be served with great attention and will receive close to perfect services.

     Our team consists of young people with lots of experience in the field of communication technology acquired in Europe and North America.

     We believe that here in Canada, we can use our exprerience and views on the possibility that all our services and views on the possibility that all our services are up to the services offered in Europe. Our proposals for Internet access without any restriction of bandwidth, because it is the only way you can be free ! You don't need to think about the bandwidth and ending paying more for something already paid , which unfortunately happens every day.We modified the model of communication services in Canada and show consumers that if is possible to have high speed unlimite bandwidth for cheap !

    It is certain that this will be difficult , but with your trust and support our constant work and perseverance , we are sure that we will get there. Then not only that, but we will become a model for other companies in this sector in Canada providing Internet access and related services, high-quality television and telephone. One of the biggest advantages of Querizon is that we know how to do it ! We only need you to achieve our vision of freedom and that everyone has the right to unlimited Internet.

     Believe in us and become pioneers in the changes. Believe in us and become the first to get rid of the rigid model and the inaility to be heard. You could be heard and we will consider your opinion!

     We want to be with you on the same side of the barrier and show others that it is possible for the customer and the company to be together !