How do I sign up to any Querizon services?

Signing up for our services is easy and available in several ways. For Internet products, you can complete the order form and an agent will contact you within 48 business hours or you can contact our Customer Service directly. For subscriptions by phone, you will need to set the first payment either by credit card during your phone conversation or by money order attached to your signed purchase order. The first payment includes an activation fee and covers the initial service period.



Does Querizon charge any termination fees when cancelling services?

If you have a 1 (one) year contract there is a fee of 10$ for each month left on the contract. If you don`t have a contract there are no termination fees as long as rental equipment is returned in good condition.



What methods of payment are available?

For most of our services, we collect by pre-authorized withdrawals. This means that the amount is deducted from your bank account or from your credit card on a monthly basis. Pre-authorized debiting allows us to keep your rates lower and eliminates the hassle of paying by cheque. Other methods of payment may be available for certain services such as a 6 to 12 months invoicing on flat rate services.



Will I receive an invoice each month?

Yes, you`ll receive by e-mail your invoice every month.



How long will it take for my high-speed Internet connection to be installed?

The typical activation time for our Internet services is 5-10 business days.



How long will it take for my Home Phone service to be installed?

The typical activation time for our Home Phone service can take up to 5 business days. As soon as you’ve received your equipment, you will be able to start using your phone.






How does the Querizon’s Home Phone service work?

Querizon’s Home Phone service uses your high-speed Internet connection to deliver your phone service. As you would with a traditional telephone network, you can call anyone who has a conventional phone service, an Internet-based phone service line, or a cellular phone.


Do I need a specific telephone to use Querizon Home Phone service?

You need a touch tone phone to use this service.


Can I use my own jacks to connect my phone?

You will have to use the single jack we provide you to connect your phone and your Internet. Since our phone service uses the Internet, you will need to connect your primary phone to the voice gateway that will be provided to you. If you wish to have more than one phone device available, we recommend the acquisition of Multi handset Cordless phones, which can accommodate up to 5 telephone devices per single phone jack, depending on the model you choose.


Does my computer have to be on for me to make calls?


Can I keep my current phone number?

Yes, you may be able to keep your current telephone number. Please contact us to verify the service availability in your area.


Can I speak on the phone and use the Internet at the same time?

Yes! You will be able to use your service without restrictions to make or receive calls while you are enjoying surfing the Web.


WARNING: Power disruptions or failures, Internet Service Provider (ISP) outages or unavailability and tampering with equipment will also prevent dialling to emergency service numbers including 9-1-1.


Will my Querizon Home Phone service work if the power goes out?


What kind of Internet connection do I need to use the Querizon Home Phone service?

We recommend that your high-speed Internet connection have a minimum speed of 2 Mbps to ensure the quality of your Home Phone service.


Can I send a fax over the Querizon Home Phone service?

Yes! The service will work with all types of Cable, DSL or FTTN high speed Internet. Please ensure that the connection is stable before sending a fax, in order to ensure its transmission.


What is included in the Querizon Home Phone service starter kit?

The material included in your kit varies depending on the type of service you selected.


Does the Querizon Home Phone service work with a wireless Internet connection?

No, you must connect the Internet Voice Gateway to your high-speed modem with a network cable in order for the service to function correctly. Refer to the installation guide for further details.


Can I have more than one phone number with Querizon in the same house?

Yes, you can have two phone numbers but you’ll have to pay for each line you have.


Can I change my phone number?

Yes, but there’s a 25$ charge if you decide to change your phone number.




Where are Querizon’s high-speed Internet services available?

Querizon’s high-speed Internet services are currently available in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario. Feel free to contact our Customer Care team to verify if the service you’re interested in is available near your location and to learn more about our expanded coverage. Or you can check the availability of the service directly on our website.


If I sign up for Querizon’s high-speed Internet service, do I need to advise my current provider to notify them of the change?

Yes, you will need to cancel your current service in order to ensure that you are no longer charged by that Internet service provider.


Can I use my own modem when I subscribe to any high-speed Internet services with Querizon?



How fast are Querizon’s high-speed connections?

A variety of download and upload speeds are available depending on your location and the type of service you select. For more information on speeds, please visit our Internet product page. Speeds may vary depending on distance, internal wiring, signal strength and the amount of users connected within your geographical location at the same time.


What is included in my Querizon Internet service starter kit?

Depending on the type of service you chose, the equipment included in your package may differ. Please consult the Setup Guides section of the Customer Centre and download the guide which corresponds to your service(s) to have the list of items that should be sent to you.


What system requirements are necessary to use the high-speed Internet service on my computer?

• Operating system: all versions of Windows, Mac OS, and Linux* released over the past fifteen years

• Processor: 166 MHz and above

• RAM: 32 MB

• Disk space: 30 MB

• LAN card and Ethernet adapter

• Video card

*Please note that while Querizon high-speed Internet will work on Linux, it is not supported by our Technical Support team.





Is Querizon’s DSL high-speed Internet service available in my area?

To find out, please contact our Customer Service or you may verify and sign up online.


Is there a data transfer limit?

With Querizon's DSL Internet, there is no limit to the amount of data you can transfer. However, unlimited data transfer is subject to change with notice.


What kind of work is involved in installing DSL high-speed Internet service?

Very little. Our DSL service uses a modem connected to your existing telephone line. You simply have to follow the easy steps described in your DSL High-Speed Internet Service Setup Guide.


What do I need to access Querizon’s DSL Internet service?

You need a computer with a LAN card and an DSL modem. We do not supply LAN cards, but most computers manufactured during the last ten years are equipped with one.


Can I connect more than one computer to my Querizon DSL Internet service?

Yes, but you will need a router. Usually only one computer at a time can be connected to the modem, but a router (wireless or not) enables you to connect more than one.


I have an alarm system in my house. Will my High Speed Internet work?

High Speed Internet service will work if you put a filter on the alarm system. Your alarm system uses your phone line in order to send signals to your alarm company. Ensure that you put a telephone line filter between your alarm system and the phone jack to which it is connected. If there is no phone jack and the alarm system is permanently wired into your phone line, call your alarm company and ask them to send a technician to add a phone jack so that you may plug in your DSL filter. Note that your alarm company may charge you for the service call.


My peer to peer applications are slow. Are you throttling my ports?


We do not throttle ports on any the service. On some applications such as Kazaa, eMule or LimeWire, the default ports might be slower due to high usage, so you can fix this by changing the incoming port number in the software's settings.